We started in the beginning of 2015 with a Facebook online shop and we’ve quickly grown as a Specialist IT Equipment online shop with a physical presence shop in very Central Nicosia at Diagorou Str.

We’re passionate about what we do and it’s our mission to bring you the best in IT equipment deals in Cyprus from all the leading brands, whilst also offering the best possible advice through our specialist trained sales team who have extensive experience in the IT industry.

Our personal touch as a company which probably makes us the one and unique company in CYPRUS is that  apart from selling Brand New Sealed IT products that most of the traditional online Shops and companies do offer as well, we are also selling other categories like demo units and refurbished units IT products.

We make it just as secure to buy demo units and refurbished units IT products, as it is to buy new ones. You get the same performance, quality and warranty. You also get more for your money and contribute to a more sustainable society and a circular economy.

Price IS the most obvious advantage of purchasing a demo or a refurbished unit and the primary motivator for most people. Due to the “slow economy” locally with the big recession trends of the market, many people and businesses are looking for demo units or refurbished IT units as a way to save money.

Computers, mobile phones and other IT products can be reused, in just the same way as cars, boats or bikes. Buying demo units or refurbished IT units is not just about the price only, for every computer that is reused and put to use again, we can reduce carbon emissions, save the earth's raw materials and build a circular economy. It is about taking advantage of the product's value, long-term thinking and more intelligent consumption.



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