Frequently Asked Questions


No, you don’t need to create an account in order to shop. However if you are an existing LaptopsClearance subscriber you can log-in using your account credentials


How can I place and order at the LaptopsClearance?

Just select the product you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. You will then be asked to add your personal information


What are the payment options

For the moment the only payment option accepted are:

  1. Cash on delivery
  2. Cheques
  3. Wire Telegraphic transfers

For option No2 the cheque needs to be issued in advance and is subjected to clearance, before ordered product is dispatched.

For option No3 please contact us at You will be emailed back the relevant details, Account Name, IBAN, BIC code etc. so to be able to carry the wire. The wire needs to be issued in advance and is subjected to clearance before ordered product is dispatched.


How will I receive the products I have purchased

When the order process will be completed, you will then be asked if you prefer to receive your products from the LaptopsClearance Nicosia store, or to receive your order by ACS courier either to be picked up from the nearest office of ACS courier or delivery to a home or business address.

Note: delivery to either the nearest ACS Courrier office, or to an address costs an additional €4.90 incl. VAT


What are the delivery time terms

If you have chosen to pick from our LaptopsClearance shop, the ordered goods will be ready within the same business day you placed the order. In case of shipping via ACS courier please allow 1-4 business days for delivery.






These are products that have been returned to the manufacturer, put through the production process, and then again retested to ensure they meet all original factory Brand New specifications. Usually they are products that were shipped out to a customer who opened the box, but decided to return the system without ever turning it on. In the worst case scenario the customer has used the product for only a few days. All of these computers have undergone testing and repackaging by the manufacturer and are categorized as such.

Obviously, above category of products gives you flexibility in terms of budget since you are buying a similar condition to Brand New product  but at a reduced by 30-40% price.

All Open Box products sold by LaptopsClearance have a 1 Year Limited warranty as defined in the Limited Warranty statement.



Demo/display units are products that were previously presented in big retail shops that sell technological devices (smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets etc). They have them opened in their showroom so people can see them, touch them and get to fill them. These smartphones or items cannot be sold by law as brand new. They need to be in a different category and to be sold as categorized demo/display units.
Their condition is very good. In the very worst case they do have some scratches/blemishes/dents on their chassis that do not affect performance in anyway. Scratches and dents computers will not be present on the screen.



Refurbished laptops or desktops are usually business model units which are sold by the manufacturer directly to large organization on a leasing scheme agreement for a period of usually 2 years.

These products, at the end of their leasing period, are returning back to the manufacturer where they undergo a rigorous refurbishing and testing procedure to ensure that they meet the manufacturer standards. These products apart from having 1 Y warranty, offer an excellent value for money opportunity to customers, to buy a top quality product similar to Brand New but at a fraction 40-50% to the cost of a BRAND NEW.



Why buy brand new product when OPEN BOX/DEMO/DISPLAY/REFURBISHED units will do for much less money? With the IT industry changing faster than ever very few individuals and companies really need the latest tech product. Demo/display products enables you to buy excellent quality very close condition to the brand new and at a great pricing which is lower than 50% of the brand new price.
All photos presented in each Facebook posting, and on our webpage, for each item are the very actual photos of the item advertised for selling. They are not some copy paste internet photos.
All Open Box products sold by LaptopsClearanceCy have a 1 Year Limited warranty as defined in the Limited Warranty statement.



Do I get an official invoice with my purchase?

Yes of course you will get an official invoice accompanied with the purchase of any item.



Does LaptopClearance offer warranty for their products?

Yes of course we do warrant all our items, please check our Limited Warranty section for any additional info.

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