These are products that have been returned to the manufacturer, put through the production process, and then again retested to ensure they meet all original factory Brand New specifications. Usually they are products that were shipped out to a customer who opened the box, but decided to return the system without ever turning it on. In the worst case scenario the customer has used the product for only a few days. All of these computers have undergone testing and repackaging by the manufacturer and are categorized as such.

Obviously, above category of products gives you flexibility in terms of budget since you are buying a similar condition to Brand New product  but at a reduced by 30-40% price.

All Open Box products sold by LaptopsClearance have a 1 Year Limited warranty as defined in the Limited Warranty statement.



Demo/display units are products that were previously presented in big retail shops that sell technological devices (smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets etc). They have them opened in their showroom so people can see them, touch them and get to fill them. These smartphones or items cannot be sold by law as brand new. They need to be in a different category and to be sold as categorized demo/display units.
Their condition is very good. In the very worst case they do have some scratches/blemishes/dents on their chassis that do not affect performance in anyway. Scratches and dents computers will not be present on the screen.



Refurbished laptops or desktops are usually business model units which are sold by the manufacturer directly to large organization on a leasing scheme agreement for a period of usually 2 years.

These products, at the end of their leasing period, are returning back to the manufacturer where they undergo a rigorous refurbishing and testing procedure to ensure that they meet the manufacturer standards. These products apart from having 1 Y warranty, offer an excellent value for money opportunity to customers, to buy a top quality product similar to Brand New but at a fraction 40-50% to the cost of a BRAND NEW.

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